EDITORIAL: Dorrit Bøilerehauge, The Stylish Lecturer

Meet Dorrit, 61. Lecturer, model, influencer and founder of Silver Starter Initiative. As a strong advocate for age diversity, she uses her platforms to show that good style is truly ageless. 


”Don’t let your age limit your choices when you dress. My age doesn’t define my style, on the contrary. I’m very confident in my choices, and I think that is the case for many in the silver segment. They feel liberated and try out new styles and colors, if they want to. Colors give lots of energy, and I’d prefer a pink oversized blazer over a grey cardigan.” 


We captured Dorrit in her chosen Minimum outfits around her go to places in her hometown Aarhus, Denmark. She likes Nabokiosk for coffee talks and Aarhus University Park for architectural appreciation strolls.