In a conversation with stylist Rikke Jung Larsen on winter swimming, friendship, and her playful sense of fashion. We met Rikke and her group of friends for a cold plunge in the Copenhagen Canals. Together, they swim in all four seasons regardless of outdoor temperatures as a way of spending time together just as normal as meeting up for a coffee. We asked her why?

Why did you and your friends start winter swimming together?
We wanted to find an activity that we could do together regularly; an activity that could be done both quick and easy, but also one that could end up in breakfast or dinner if we had the time.

What does winter swimming mean to you and your friends?

Rikke: It means time together. I prioritize time with friends and family. They mean the world to me, and they are the reason I feel safe taking chances and trying new things. I know they will catch me if I fall, and sometimes I do.


From your first dip to your latest dip. What does it feel like – back then and now? Can you describe the feeling?

Rikke: The first dip was extremely cold and got worse because I didn’t pay attention to my breath. Now, it’s still cold but in another way. It’s a strange feeling that is a bit uncomfortable, but nice at the same time. I’ve always enjoyed ending my shower with cold water and winter swimming gives the same refreshing feeling.


Best tips for new or coming winter swimmers?

Rikke: We are not “professional” winter swimmers at all, so we did a lot of mistakes ourselves. Besides starting a bit too late for the body to get used to the low temperature, we have also skipped some weeks during the period, which was a bad idea for sure. It felt like starting over every time even after a short break. Therefore, do it regularly and don’t stop swimming between summer and winter.


As a stylist and creative consultant with a busy schedule, how do you use winter swimming in your everyday life?

Rikke: It’s an amazing way to start or end a long day. Bring a fleece, a can with coffee, a bun with butter and cheese, or some sweets depending on the time of day.


How would you describe your style?  

Rikke: Playful, boyish, and easy.


Which trends or tendencies do you believe will dominate in 2022 and the future when it comes to styling?

Rikke: During the last years fashion has become more gender free, I believe and hope that this development will continue. It makes it more inspiring but most important because fashion should be for everyone.